10 Soap Opera Spin-Offs Every Soap Fan Should Watch

Since how I Met Your Mother for Full house for The Walking Dead, Many hit TV shows have received spinoffs over the years, but a lesser-known kind of spinoff comes from daytime soap operas.

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Ranging from daytime to primetime and airing on anything from network TV, off cable channels or streaming services, famous soap operas like General Hospital, Days and Lives, and Another world have all received multiple spin-offs over the years, while some have new ones on the way.

Port Charles

Port Charles been general hospital first dive into prime time, which aired on ABC from 1997 to 2003 and featured GH old and new cast members. The show premiered with a two-hour primetime special, then began airing at 12:30 p.m., replacing another soap spin-off, The city.

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Port Charles is famous for his vampire story, which introduced new characters Livvie Locke and Caleb Morley, whose portrayals Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton would join one day GH as part of its main cast with new characters.


Beyond Salem

Beyond Salem is a limited series about Peacock that features a whole new batch of drama for several fan favorites days of our lives characters.

The first season follows the cast on a hunt across the globe for gems that leaves Ben and Ciara at a promiscuous masked party, Marlena and John bidding for a gem against Tony and Anna, and Will, Sonny and Chad each other. reluctantly performing in a drag show. Its second season is scheduled to premiere on Peacock in July 2022.


The first soapy spin-off of Another world broadcast in 1970 — originally titled Another world in Somerset before just passing Somerset — and ended its run after six years on NBC.

The show featured three main characters from Another world – Missy Palmer Matthews, Sam Lucas and Lahoma Vane Lucas – who lived in the fictional town of Somerset, which is said to be 50 miles north of AW Bay City setting.


Texas was a continuation of NBC Another world, the show that gave Brad Pitt his very first acting credit as a high school basketball player named Chris, and created four years after AW first spin-off Somerset.

The spin-off’s two-season run centered on Another world villain, Iris Carrington, who moved from Bay City to Houston, Texas, meeting her ex-husband Eliot Carrington along the way.

General Hospital: night shift

General Hospital: night shift was the soap opera’s second attempt at a spin-off, this time airing primarily in prime time on the now-defunct SOAPnet television channel.

Running for just two seasons, the show followed the hospital’s night shift, which consisted of known general hospital characters like Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio, as well as a host of rookie doctors and other GH favorites like Jason Morgan, Spinelli and Robert Scorpio, all on all-new dramatic adventures that usually coincided with the daytime show.

A Very Salem Christmas

days of our lives is the only soap opera to receive a Christmas special, airing in December 2021, thanks to NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

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A Very Salem Christmas follows Will Horton and his race to finish writing a holiday movie before the Christmas Eve deadline. With the help of her husband Sonny, the two create a Christmas movie starring beloved Salemites like Sami Brady, Marlena Evans and Kristen DiMera, who take part in all-new, very joyful stories.

Our private world

The first soap opera to ever launch a primetime spin-off was As the world turns with the 1965 debut of Our private world on CBS.

The show starred Eileen Fulton as her ATWT character Lisa Miller Hughes on her journey to find love in her new job at the local hospital. The series’ failed success caused it to be canceled just five months after its premiere, but the series remains a staple in the character’s story.

The city

When Magnet ended in 1995 and most of its cast succumbed to a serial killer, ABC continued the stories of the surviving characters in a spin-off called The city.

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The show aired for two seasons and followed popular characters like by Laura Wright Steffi d’Ally and Amelia Heinle during their big move to New York until falling ratings caused him to be replaced by the general hospital spin off PortCharles.

Chad and Abby in Paris

Chad and Abby in Paris is a digital series featuring days of our lives stars Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn as soap supercouple Chad and Abby.

In just eight 10-minute episodes, which aired on NBC’s website, the series followed Chad and Abby on their romantic life in Paris until Abby’s old flame, Austin Reed, showed up at their new gate miles from Salem.

Pine Valley

A decade after the cancellation of All my children on ABC, two of the show’s stars plan to bring it back and send it to prime time.

Pine Valley — executive produced by Kelly Ripa and Marc Consueloswho played supercouple Hayley and Mateo – is currently in development at ABC, with little known information about the cast or storylines other than the one it will feature CMA veterinary Susan Luccipresumably reprising her legendary role as Erica Kane.

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