Aaliyah’s fashion sense commemorated with Shoe Palace collection

Beloved R&B Singer Aliyahit is the legacy continues live thanks to the new clothing collection of Shoe Palace.

In the 20-piece capsule, the R&B princess’ trademark and iconic imagery can be seen on shorts, t-shirts, pants and jackets. The Shoe Palace design team also made sure to include Aaliyah’s ’90s fashion sense in the collection, including her “tomboyish” style with oversized tops and bottoms. The items in the collection have different prices, ranging from $30 to $50.

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In a statement obtained by rolling stone, the Shoe Palace x Aaliyah capsule is exclusive to the store and will not be available anywhere else. Besides Aaliyah’s legacy and “her love of menswear”, the designers of the clothing company said they were inspired by “legendary fashion designers of the 90s”..

“When considering Aaliyah’s background, it is fitting that her name means ‘Highest, Most Exalted, Best,'” the design team said. “His unrivaled style made him an obvious choice for a Shoe Palace collaboration.”

The late singer, who sadly passed away in a plane crash in 2001, will also be commemorated with new musical collectibles. The Ultimate Aaliyah box is re-released in September with the singer’s greatest hits and soundtracks spread across three discs. The box is also available for pre-order. Aaliyah’s critically acclaimed self-titled album will also be available in vinyl form this december.

Check out images from the Show Palace x Aaliyah collaboration below and check out the full collection at ShoePalace.com.

Aaliyah's style commemorated with Shoe Palace

Aaliyah’s style commemorated with Shoe Palace

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