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What happens when four struggling actors look for side jobs in a restaurant? This is the premise of “Sides,” a web series created by six talented artists from the theater and film communities of San Diego. The episodes available to date on the YouTube Channel “Sides” were written by Jordan Jacobo, filmed by Michael Lewis Foster at Chula Vista’s Brew Bar, and stars Jacobo, Eric Casalini, Allison Pearce, Beth Gallagher and Mike Sears.

“Sides” is a collaborative project resulting from a discussion Casalini and Pearce had at Lestat’s Coffee House.

“Allison wanted to spend time on screen,” recalls Casalini. “Michael and I had worked together on previous projects and Jordan is a mainstay of San Diego storytelling on screen. It started with Mike Sears and I did a few scenes to get content for our respective reels.

Once Gallagher was on board, “We all started to make up stories together,” said Casalini.

The characters of “Sides” are reminiscent of the actors who embody them… in a way. “These are versions of the guys we usually play,” Pearce said, “the guys we used to play.”

For the love of comedy, “We were the ones who pushed it up to 11,” Jacobo added.

The show’s budget is practically zero, but you wouldn’t know it. Credit Foster, whose 2018 film “To Fall in Love With Anybody, Do This” starred Casalini and Gallagher, for the clean look and fast paced webcasting.

With “Sides” itself being just a side project for everyone involved, how long will the episodes continue to be produced?

“My feeling is that we’re going to assess the response to Season 1 and hopefully start writing Season 2,” said Gallagher, whose character has all the straight lines of the scripts. “As long as we’re all available I’m happy to continue meeting these hilarious people and not being as funny as them.”

Watch a full Zoom interview with the “Sides” team here.


Joel Castellaw as King Bowman, who rules the Kingdom of The Brick, and Eliza Hugee as Penelope, Queen of Plastics, in “Our Earth”, the latest installment in Vanguard Culture’s “The History of Joy” series .

(Courtesy photo by Susanna Peredo-Swap)

Just in time for the holidays: “a post-apocalyptic re-imagination of the story of the three little pigs”. This is how San Diego Avant-garde culture describes the fourth and final installment of his year-long film series “The Story of Joy.” This one, titled “Our earth,” premieres tonight at 7.

As I pointed out in October before the third part of the series, “Womxn”, these multimedia performances flow from the eight pillars of joy articulated in “The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World” by the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams. Playwright / poet Gill Sotu ties it all together.

Tickets to broadcast “The Story of Joy: Our Land” cost $ 15.

Jazz / classical music

Musicians on an ornate stage, gathered around a small Christmas tree

Queen’s cartoonists put on a holiday show at La Jolla Music Society.

(Courtesy of La Jolla Music Society / photo by Lauren Desberg)

You could rightly refer to the music accompanying our favorite classic cartoons as art under art. On Saturday this music rises to the top when The Jolla Music Society presents the Queen’s cartoonists in the Baker-Baum concert hall of the Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center.

This six-person ensemble from Queens, NY, formed in 2015, combines jazz and classic idioms to provide a soundtrack to the manic, whimsical animation so many of us have grown up and cherish to this day. You will see clips of these cartoons as you watch and listen to them. Learn more about the Queen’s designers.

Saturday sessions are at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets start at $ 31.

Learn more about the Queen’s cartoonists in this story by Nina Garin of the Union-Tribune: Queen’s cartoonists can make anyone a jazz lover


Charlie Brown and Linus appear in a scene from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

Charlie Brown and Linus appear in a scene from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.


One of the most beloved animated works of all time, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, is available to watch on demand via AppleTV + and will air on PBS channels on December 19th. Of course, the designer who created Charlie Brown and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang was the great Charles Schulz.

Schulz is honored at the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, California. If you can’t make the trip this holiday season, there is always the Programming from the Schulz Museum at home. As you will discover, the site includes a myriad of activities for, as they say, kids of all ages: games, a scavenger hunt, tutorials on how to draw all your favorite “Peanuts” characters and even a downloadable “Lucy’s Psychiatric Advice Teller”. Could anything be more useful than this during a stressful vacation?

Pop music

Mr. Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffet

Mr. Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffet

(Dave Martin / Associated Press)

Parrots don’t need to be in Orlando, Florida on Saturday when their primary human, Jimmy buffett, takes the stage. This show, like many of Buffett’s, can be streamed online. The portal is called Margaritaville.TV.

The site also includes the “Home with Friends of the Coral Reefs” web series featuring guest artists including blues guitarist Sonny Landreth and singer / songwriter Marshall Chapman.

Meanwhile, Buffett’s 2022 tour schedule isn’t over yet, so you have time to search for that lost salt shaker before a date in San Diego – if any – is revealed.

More music? Read This Story Last Weekend By Union-Tribune George Varga: Famous ‘English Blues Godfather’ John Mayall On Last Concert Tour At 88 After Fighting COVID-19

Classical music

The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park

The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park

(Photo courtesy of San Diego Symphony)

I will go to Rady Shell at Jacobs Park Saturday for the return of “Christmas Christmas” music and storytelling holiday program. Join the San Diego Symphony Orchestra are the San Diego Master Chorale and the San Diego Children’s Choir. Tickets start at $ 25. Hope to see you there.

For more holiday music, check out this Union-Tribune roundup: From “A Black Family Christmas” and Noel Noel to “Frozen,” Local Art Bands Are Bringing Holiday Joy

Last chance

Paco Tolson plays Vincent van Gogh in La Jolla Playhouse "at the yellow house."

Paco Tolson plays Vincent van Gogh in “At the Yellow House” from La Jolla Playhouse.

(Rich Soublet II)

Sunday ends La Jolla Playhouse’s World premiere by playwright Kimber Lee “at the yellow house.” To verify UT Theater Critic Pam Kragen’s review of this production on Vincent van Gogh in the last years of his life.


Dr Jonas Salk gives an 8-year-old boy a trial polio vaccine at Frick Elementary <a class=School in Pittsburgh in February 1954.” srcset=”×3203+0+0/resize/320×214!/quality/90/? 320w,×3203+0+0/resize/568×379!/quality/90/? 568w,×3203+0+0/resize/768×513!/quality/90/? 768w,×3203+0+0/resize/840×561!/quality/90/? 840w” width=”840″ height=”561″ src=”×3203+0+0/resize/840×561!/quality/90/?” data-lazy-load=”true” bad-src=””/>

Dr Jonas Salk gives an 8-year-old boy a trial polio vaccine at Frick Elementary School in Pittsburgh in February 1954.

(Underwood Archives / Underwood Archives / Getty Images)

University of California Television invites you to take advantage of this special selection of programs from across the University of California. Descriptions courtesy and text written by UCTV staff:

“Exploring ethics in communication and disinformation / disinformation and fake news”: With the rapid rise and popularity of social media comes some pitfalls. Popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have given anyone with a smartphone the power to deliver their voice and message to the masses with the push of a button. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the big tech companies of Meta (formerly Facebook), Google and Twitter were forced to take action to prevent the increased presence of misinformation, disinformation and fake news that had spread. on several social networks. the media. Brian Spitzberg, PhD, examines the ethics of communication through the lens of the pandemic.

“The magic of mushrooms: revolutionizing the future of food, agriculture and medicine”: Mushrooms play a crucial role in our natural ecosystem – they have been used medicinally by native cultures for centuries, their nutritional value and copious fiber make them a great meat substitute for chefs, and the mainstream medical community values ​​the benefits. of psilocybin in the fight against PTSD, anxiety, addiction and other conditions. Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach welcomes Spiritual Healer Matthew Alvarado, Mindful Mushrooms Owner Ivo Fedak, M2 Ingredients CEO Jan Hall, Mark Kalia, MD, Gordon Saxe, MD, PhD UCSD, Environmental Scientist Danielle Stevenson, and Co-Owner and Head of The Plot and Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub Davin Waite for a discussion of the amazing impacts of fungi.

“The legacy of Jonas Salk”: In 2015, the Library Channel hosted an evening of conversation and celebration at the end of the 100th anniversary of Dr Jonas Salk’s birth with his sons Jonathan and Peter, author Mary Walshok and Gary Robbins, science editor of the Union of San Diego. Tribune. The panel reflects on how Jonas Salk, his wife Françoise Gilot and his institute shaped San Diego and its burgeoning biomedical community, the interaction between Salk and other leaders in building civic infrastructure, and others. memories of the Salk brothers about their father’s discovery of a polio vaccine.

And finally … The best events of the weekend

two people dressed as Santa Claus standing back to back

Here are the main events happening in San Diego from Thursday, December 9 through Sunday, December 12.

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