Brilliant Lyrical and Musical Compositions: Daniel South releases rap music that exudes beautiful rhyme and rhythm.

South is an up-and-coming new artist who continues to delight audiences with his fresh take on the rap music genre with innovative musical styles and relevant lyrics.

Daniel South is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, stockbroker and holder of a trillion dollar money market account. The artist is known for creating music that syncs with the hearts and minds of many different music enthusiasts. South believes his music has the unique ability to generate traction in a way that redundant music in the music industry no longer has.

This ambitious singer has a southern flow to her music that cements her with the unique ability to enliven the minds of audiences who listen to her. Some of South’s most notable musical tracks include “Fly Away” and “If I Wasn’t Rapping”, both of which display the vocal diversity and lyrical mastery the musician has over his music. The singles are known for really showing the depth of passion the songwriter has for the music they produce.

On June 22, 2022, Beyoncé’s remix “Break My Soul” featuring Daniel South reached No. 1 in one week on the Positive Vibes charts, earning a SoundClick Top 20 song in HipHop Honors. This made the song South the first number 1 on and for him one of many more to come. The immense love the artist has received for this single itself shows how the rapper’s music is uniquely alluring to the masses around the world.

The budding star boasts about his ambition, saying “I want to be on every music outlet from BET to MTV.” South wants his music to be on all the biggest channels, with every music lover knowing his name and reciting his lyrics verbatim. It is for this reason that the inspirational star has a meticulous music production process that plans to show the hidden truth in the music.

Stream the inspirational artist’s music on YouTube as well as Spotify at the following link here Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on the latest music. For interviews, reviews and / or collaborations, contact us via this email [email protected]


Boynton Beach, Florida, U.S. President of Fîlsaîme & Co. Nesley Filsaime (born May 20, 1981), known professionally as Daniel South, takes on many roles besides that of a singer who illuminates his diversity of interests and big plans for the future. The artist’s passion for music production is fueled by both his deep interest in the craft and the associated fame and glory that comes with the beauty of this process.

A stock enthusiast, Daniel South was first listed on the Fîlsaîme & Co. Billionaires Index in 2020. At that point, his net worth was around $15.2 billion with banking experts. of the Bank of the West Indies. In June 2022, his wealth briefly exceeded $16 billion and has been steadily rising since the pre-Fîlsaîme & Co. industrial era, which valued him at $16.1 billion as of June 12. The singer’s sustained effort in his financial pursuits acts as a window that helps us imagine his jubilant pursuits as a budding young musical artist whose music oozes skill and rhythm!







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