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Remembering the CBS foamer on the 40and anniversary of his debut.

Premiere date: March 29, 1982

Final date: March 20, 1987

Created by: Stephen Karpf and Elinor Karpf

Overview: Set in the fictional Washington, DC suburb of Jeffersonia, CAPITOL followed the exploits of the politically connected Clegg, Denning and McCandless families. McCandless family matriarch Clarissa and Clegg clan matriarch Myrna were former best friends whose relationship was torn apart in their youth when they fought over the romantic affection of Baxter McCandless, who ended by marrying Clarissa. Myrna’s daughter, Julie, fell in love with Clarissa’s son, Tyler, who had his own rivalry with Myrna’s son, Trey, an ambitious young congressman. Clarissa’s own love life was complicated; she fell in love with ill-fated Senator Mark Denning, then harbored feelings for Jarrett Morgan, who turned out to be a Baxter back from the dead! Myrna was angered by another Clegg/McCandless match when Clarissa’s son Wally romanced Myrna’s daughter Brenda. Trey’s romance with Mark’s daughter, Sloane, culminated in a blowout wedding filmed on location at the Jefferson Memorial, but they eventually divorced (thanks in large part to his attraction to Kelly Harper). Sloane pursued a royal romance with Prince Ali, heir to the fictional Baracq throne. The show ended on an abrupt note when Myrna’s husband, Sam, filed for divorce (at the request of his blackmailing mistress, Kate), while Sloane faced a firing squad in Baracq.

Familiar faces: CAPITOL’s cast included a slew of actors who would find further success during the day, including Marla Adams (ex-Dina, Y&R) and Marj Dusay (ex-Vanessa, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Alexandra, GUIDING LIGHT) in the role of Myrna; Tonja Walker (ex-Olivia, GH; ex-Alex, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) as Lizbeth; Catherine Hickland (ex-Lindsey, OLTL et al) as Julie and Jenny; Constance Towers (ex-Helena, GH) as Clarissa; Billy Warlock (ex-Frankie, DAYS; ex-AJ, GH) as Ricky; and Jess Walton (Jill, Y&R) as Kelly.

We knew them when: Teri Hatcher played Anjelica Stimac Clegg from 1986 to 1987, before LOIS & CLARK and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES; and the late Kelly Preston appeared in 1982 as Gillian McCandless.

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