Compositions inspired by the sounds of ice

Kayaking the Antarctic Peninsula has helped a young woman take her music to the next level – and to audiences around the world.

On Thursday from 6-7.15pm, the Christchurch-based Antarctic Heritage Trust will present Ihlara McIndoe’s five compositions, inspired by her 2020 ice expedition.

A musical journey to Antarctica, an online concert for a global audience, will feature performers Mark Menzies, Professor of Music and Head of Performance at the University of Canterbury on viola and violin, UC performance students Mekaela Fleener at violin and Marlene Cooper on flute, and Chris Everest of the New Zealand School of Music on guitar.

McIndoe, composer-in-residence for the NZSO National Youth Orchestra for 2021, traveled to the Antarctic Peninsula on an inspiring expedition for Antarctic Heritage Trust explorers in 2020.

While there, she collected sound samples from her travels, including sounds of ice, wind, water, and wildlife.

McIndoe, 24, said the experience gave her a new appreciation for how music and exploration can combine to inspire.

“The whole experience was completely emotional.

“I was fueled by the conversations we had during our travels and the feeling of how small humans are, but how big our impact can be on this earth.

“I really wanted that to resonate in these compositions and for those listening to really get a sense of what it’s like to be in Antarctica, while encouraging people to think about preserving and exploring our world. natural.”

The compositions are accompanied by visuals of Antarctica, which were captured by renowned filmmaker and photographer Anthony Powell.

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