Let’s be patrons of the arts

April 21th. — We are all, in a way, patrons of the arts.

No, not all of us have the means to build halls, sponsor events or commission large works of art, but we can attend a performance. We can go see a movie. We can support aspiring musicians during recitals.

And, as patrons of the arts in Stillwater, we’re pretty spoiled.

April, pandemic aside, has always been one of our busiest times of the year for events, but this year seems to have an added buzz with the performing arts.

Just take a look at all that’s going on, and please consider hanging out with our arts community: on stage this week we have the OSU Theater performing “The Wedding Singer” and the McKnight Center which hosts “South Pacific”. Town and Gown presents the 10th Annual Short Film Festival Saturday and Sunday. Friday and Saturday mark the return of the Red Dirt Film Festival. On Friday, the OSU Greek Community is hosting Spring Sing.

Next week it’s Bob Childers’ Gypsy Cafe and Calf Fry. Later, Perkins is about to start hosting the Cimarron Breeze concert series. Stillwater High School’s performing arts department will present “Footloose” beginning April 28.

That’s a lot of options to show our support.

FYI, we get a lot of help sorting out our events calendar with the help of Visit Stillwater. You can find information on many of these things, including links to tickets at visitstillwater.org/events/.

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