Listen to the best compositions of the most versatile artist Techno-Xcitement on SoundCloud

A very versatile and young artist, techno-Xcitement brings out the best in techno music. His listeners recognize him as the best Holland Techno Artist

If you are a techno music lover and someone who likes to listen to EDM songs, the artist techno-Xcitement is the new name you need to know. Using his years of experience in music, the artist has created some of the happy songs of all time. He is extremely talented and versatile in his sound design. The songs he composes are fresh, clean, immersive and exciting. They engage people through their takes of digital beats. His songs are capable of creating an immersive EDM musical arena for music lovers. The song, ‘Phobos Rec. #8′, creates an enchanting atmosphere for people. You will instantly fall in love with the song. I deeply felt that the song showed subtle cinematic twists in its progression, which drove me crazy after the song.

Another song that can introduce you to the best of techno music is ‘RolmOps’. The song makes extensive use of EDM elements. His versatility in musical composition is perfectly visible in the song. Changes in speed and unpredictable twists made the song more delicate and multi-layered. The kind of enthusiasm he showed in the song is unique. the Holland Techno Artist mined every ounce of its victims into a euphoric soundscape. So, I would definitely recommend this song to all techno music lovers. So listen to the songs of the artist techno-Xcitement on Sound Cloud. For more on this versatile musical character, follow him on instagram.

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