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IAmid an exciting week of events during Western Week, Latin rock band Los Lobos – who are best known for their 1987 hit “La Bamba” – will perform at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, January 29. .

Fans expect to hear a track from each of the band’s records and the soundtrack to the 1987 film “La Bamba” and sample his latest album, “Native Sons”.

“For people who don’t know our music, we’ll be playing a few songs from ‘La Bamba’ and for the hardcore fans, we’re trying to touch a bit of every record we’ve ever made,” said saxophonist Steve Berlin. . “We try to keep everyone happy.”

While Berlin and his bandmates feel like they’ve created a setlist that will keep audiences rocking all night long, he thinks Los Lobos are lucky to be able to continue doing what they love in safety.

“We were lucky,” Berlin said. “We started filming at the end of August and despite a few cancellations along the way, we played in venues small enough to handle every person and be fully compliant.”

While the first shows of the band’s debut tour seemed normal, it was when the show moved from outdoor venues to indoor venues that Berlin noticed a change.

“We are in a high-risk age group and when we started our tour our shows were outdoors,” he said. “These shows weren’t really scary until we moved to an indoor venue.s and saw people around us getting sick.

Even after playing shows during the pandemic, the veteran rocker admits his band is still configuring a way to provide a safe show.

“It’s different again,” he said. “Playing in a room full of people during a global pandemic is something no one has ever experienced before and we’re still figuring things out on the fly.”

For this reason, Berlin feels a sense of security playing a live show at a venue like the Center for the Performing Arts, as it requires a negative test result or guests to be fully vaccinated.

“We definitely don’t want people coming into our shows and getting sick and it’s not just about us. It’s about the site and the city,” he said. “Everyone who has a stake in this needs to do everything they can to keep everyone safe, that’s the main thing.”

Berlin and his comrades experimented with a new type of performance while abandoning acoustic instruments.

“The shows we’ve been doing lately were more or less rock shows,” Berlin said. “From time to time we’ll bring out our acoustic instruments to keep things interesting, but I can guarantee there will be a variety of music played as we’re a Latin rock band that dabbles in all of our records.”

Berlin has made a point of including new tracks.

“We tried to do at least three or four songs from the new ‘Native Sons’ album every night because it’s always fun to play new stuff,” he said.

Berlin also makes a point of letting its loyal fans guess which songs will be on the setlist each night.

“When we release a song that we haven’t played in a while, it becomes a big deal, which is gratifying,” he said. “It’s good to have such an attentive audience and we try to mix things up as much as possible and we’re aware that people care about our setlist, which means a lot to us.”

There is, however, one song that he insists the band play.

“Our song ‘The Neighborhood’ is one I enjoy because it gives me and our guitarist David an extended solo,” Berlin said.

While Berlin is aware fans can’t dance at theaters like the Scottsdale Center, he hopes to see movement in the crowd during the band’s performance.

“Although some of the rooms we play in are not designed for people to dance, it would be nice if people could do that,” he said. “When people move a little, it’s always rewarding for us.”

Berlin also hopes to provide a unique evening of entertainment for the fans in attendance.

“We’re unique in the respect that we’re bicultural and we’re able to lean extremely hard on not just Latin and rock culture, but also the deeper thread that we’re a pretty good band of blues, country, rock and live and all those fans I like to think would agree that what we do is unique and special,” he said. “I hope people will come out and think they’ve seen the only band on the planet that could do what we do.”

If you are going to

What: Los Lobos with Lisa Morales

When: Saturday January 29 at 8 p.m.

Or: Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, 7380 E Second Street

Cost: $40-$65

Information: scottsdaleperformingarts.com. Proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test required.

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