Many greats have left their mark on hip-hop, and UglyFace’s compositions are set to join the roster

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From Oakland to Stockton, the collective that has become UglyFace embarked on a journey to change the way music is composed and received. Their sound is familiar yet fresh as they bring their take on the popular genre to life. The group is formed from the formation of longtime friends and musical collaborators, producer Kevin Farpella, rapper and producer Aaron Temple, rapper and producer Aric Jones and singer Andre Mosley.

the Ugly face collective started from humble beginnings with nothing but a passion and a love for music. Kevin Farpella and Aaron Temple got to know each other thanks to their mutual friend Andre Mosley. Joining aspiring artist Aric Jones, who can best be described as a Bay Area kid with Chi Town roots, he dubbed them UglyFace, representative of the expression they made on reading. What brought them together was their love for making music with a sound that was not only different from what others brought to the table, but brought their own individual touch to the composition. With this motive in mind, the group temporarily disbanded to develop and perfect their individual craftsmanship in different places that matched their vision and direction.

Singer Andre Mosley ended up at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, GA at the Temple of Aaron in Brooklyn, New York and Aric Jones in Los Angeles, while Kevin farpella chose to stay in Tracy, California. Each member of the collective devoted their time, effort and energy to cultivating something new, something that was simply intrinsic to their stylistic sound, and the result would blow the world away. With their near-perfect style, the UglyFace Brotherhood found even more strength in their bond and they came together to complete the journey they had originally planned to take, turning UglyFace into a music label they write, produce and under. perform their own music.

Over time, they released a series of projects and singles, gaining industry knowledge and learning to navigate both the artist side and the business side. Their fan base continued to grow as their buzz grew with concerts alongside some of hip-hop’s biggest legends like Andre Nicatina, E-40, Too $ hort, and Bone Thugs n Harmony. With their success exploding internationally, the collective decided that the time had come to shut themselves up and seriously focus on their musical career. It was the push that drove them to expand the reach of the UglyFace collective as an independent music label.

Over the years, ugly face The collective followed a solid direction in their musical journey, less hooked on the speed at which they crossed the waters of music but on the quality of the songs and projects they released as they continued to build their empire. . The UglyFace collective has been relatively low-key for most of their time together, but with 2021 fresh off the starting line, they intend to dominate this year with consistency and the quality of music they are recognized for and rented. Their vision is centered on bringing greater musical notoriety to northern California. Starting on the path to achieving this, they are preparing the release of their single “Woke Up” as their first offering before accompanying it with a host of other singles to come. After “Woke Up,” Travis Walker “Without You” with Aric Jones, 30Chalice “Grundy” and the solo effort “Yah” in their own right, Aric Jones.

“Woke Up” is the track that sets the tone for everything they’ve planned to release in 2021. It’s a reflection of the direction the band intends to follow throughout the year and into the future. -of the. “Woke Up” will be something that will touch listeners with the combination of unique tones and hypnotic track lyricism like never before. The UglyFace collective is about to show that their craft knows no bounds as their sound continues to define greatness. When it comes to representing the Bay Area, they do so with a charisma and creativity that brings a freshness never before heard to the industry. Pre-record their next track “Woke Up” and stay locked in the crisp new music they’re waiting to be released to the world.

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