MOON AND ARIES – OPERA DUO SYNTH POP is about to release a new album

German composer and producer Tom Aries and Canadian writer and singer Jordana Moon team up as MOON AND ARIES. To bring warmth and assurance for a better future.

The new album wraps captivating retro synthesizer sounds with ethereal vocals – the result:

A very calm, relaxed, romantic and relaxed general atmosphere! A sound they have proven to be dear to audiences on Spotify Editorial playlists and radio stations. A perfect addition to synthpop, triphop, electronic, ambient, chill, lounge, streaming pop or radio playlists!

About THE ARRIVAL – the album and new title track release:

One mission: To help raise collective consciousness through high-vibration music. We are driven by purpose and passion. The Arrival album is a philosophy, our culture and our way of life. It’s who we are and how we want to resonate through the musical universe. It’s worth taking a chance and doing something unique and authentic, even if there is a risk of not having everyone on board. We create the music we are inspired and guided to do, and we go “all in”. We believe in what we create. And that’s incredibly important. No one will believe you if you don’t respect your creative instinct and your reason.


A music duo, surfing the Quantum Universe by bringing back your favorite retro music and mixing it with a futuristic perspective. A “Synth Pop Opera” mix: Tom aka Aries composing the song, Jordana aka Moon writing the lyrics and singing, this galactic duo feels complete in their mission together. A “mission accepted” to create catchy and catchy music. The door to the Musical Universe is wide open and they welcome you to enter this world!

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About Jordana Moon:

Jordana Moon (aka Jordana Kalenova) is a singer-songwriter from Western Canada. Compose and create lyrics and melodies with the aim of inspiring and empowering his listeners. His approach to music is to blend a higher level of consciousness and concepts and bring these more philosophical ideas to modern music. Jordana composes her music with a wide variety of instruments, playing piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, ukulele and violin.

Jordana studied creative writing at Vancouver Film School, and enjoys writing music with themes of high consciousness, sexual healing, and empowerment.

Jordana draws her inspiration from old jazz, soul/pop/RnB music from the 70s and 80s, trip hop and current neo soul. And artists like Portishead, Shivaree, Eliza, Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Lauryn Hill, Massive Attack and composers like Cole Porter and Steven Sondheim. She released her solo songs as Jordana Kalenova on all streaming platforms. About Tom Aries: Tom Aries (aka Tom Sundermann) is a musician, songwriter and electronic synthesizer producer from West Germany. Composer of mainly instrumental pieces, analog and digital synthesizer sequences. Tom’s music fuses his classical piano upbringing with influences from ’80s synthesizer sounds.

He has produced songs and sounds for computer games and soundtracks for short videos and films. Influenced by bands and artists like DEPECHE MODE, KRAFTWERK, JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, MASSIVE ATTACK, PORTISHEAD, RÖYKSOPP – and the sound of the 80s… – he creates more and more songs, instrumental ideas and music.

In particular, the combination of images, films and art with music was Tom’s first creative basis. Tom composes his songs mainly on the piano. After this first melodic version on the acoustic piano, he produced the songs in his small homestudio.

He released his solo songs as artist “GALAXY OF NIGHT”.

Behind the scenes of MOON AND ARIES:

Jordana and Tom officially started cooperating as MOON AND ARIES on MARCH 1, 2021 – only working together via file sharing and communication across the ocean.

(with 9 hours distance between Canada and Germany = Jordana still lives in Canada and Tom still lives in Germany in these restricted COVID19 times).

Since then, they have released 9 unique songs to date and a concept album “THE ARRIVAL” with the original 9 songs. Played on over 20 radio stations in Australia, Europe, Africa and America, incl. New York radio station in 2021 and 2022.

The new album “THE ARRIVAL”: release day – FEBRUARY 22, 2022!

MUSIC REVIEWS (examples):

“Moon and Aries is a pop duo that mixes anthem instrumentals with impressive vocal work. Add to that the one-off production and you have some infectious catchy tunes that are perfect for chilling out.” (BLOG MUSICAL TAPE RANGER)

“The astonishing disc takes the public on a pleasant journey between synth-pop, cinematographic atmosphere and lyrical touch. The experimental yet appealing ballad is addictive from start to finish. The songs highlight admirable creativity, great teamwork between Canadian singer/songwriter JORDANA MOON and German electronic synthesizer musician and composer TOM ARIES.” (THE BLOG MORE MUSIC)

“The deep and expressive voice of -Jordana Moon-, produces excellent vocals and is instantly remembered by its energy. Moreover, this Synthpop melody touches you strongly and helps to focus on its charming atmosphere. (NAGAMAG MAGAZINE)

“The magical electronic music and filigree keyboards of German music producer Tom Aries, truly philosophical lyrics and the sweet sultry voice of Canadian singer Jordana Moon, and the artists’ shared views on creativity and life have merged into their creative duo in March 2021!” (THEXELE MUSIC BLOG)

“We love everything this duo stands for! This talented duo is soulful electronic pop music that will fill your soul with unparalleled passion and energy. The new song opens with smooth synthesizers that swell in the vocal line lead song. Jordan’s vocals are atmospheric and angelic as his lyrics tell a very dramatic and detailed story. Tom’s instrumentation in this song is done with an expert level of precision and attention to detail. Listening to this song, we couldn’t help but feel our hearts light up with cosmic bliss and serenity. (DONATION BALANCE RECORDS)

“MOON AND ARIES: This is electro-pop music with gorgeous vocals, smart instrumentation and a punchy beat! Moon and Aries are a band to watch in 2022! (FVMUSICBLOG)

“Moon and Aries: perfect Synth Pop with herrlichen Vocals. Kurzer Hand höre ich in das Stück rein and ich muss sagen mit eben mal nur kurz anspielen ist es nicht getan, zu gut das Intro zu SNEAK PREVIEW and noch besser die Vocals. Die musikalische Umsetzung Romantic Synth Pop in Perfektion könnte und darf man es ohne weiteres titulieren. Jordana Moon and Tom Aries zeigen erneut auf zu was sie fähig sind und was es braucht um im Genre Synth Pop zu reüssieren. “Moon and Aries”: das sind die brilliant 80er interpreted in den 2020ern.” (NENESBUTLERPRESENTS A MUSIC REVIEW)

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