MUBI releases collection of seven Wong Kar Wai films in restored 4K resolution

Global distributor and curated streaming platform MUBI has released a collection of seven films by esteemed director Wong Kar Wai, featuring some of his most iconic films, five of which have received 4K restorations under the direction of iconic director Hong. Kong himself.

The collection, titled Lover. Wong Kar Wai’s cinema, is available to stream only in Malaysia on MUBI at the time of writing. Currently, no announcement has been made regarding the further availability of the collection in the other 189 countries with access to MUBI.

Wong spent five years restoring 2046 (2004), Chung King Express (1994), fallen angels (1995), Happy together (1997), and love mood (2000) in 4K. The collection also includes Ashes of Time Redux (2008) and The hand (2004) in their original resolutions. L’Immagine Ritrovata film restoration laboratory in Bologna carried out the project under the direction of Wong, who remained based in his native Hong Kong.

Watch the trailer for Lover. Wong Kar Wai’s cinema below.

Interested viewers can watch 2046, Chung King Express, fallen angels, Happy together, love mood, and The hand on MUBI now, but we will have to wait until January 23 to Ashes of Time Redux to be made available on the platform.

Widely considered a contemporary auteur and one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Wong Kar Wai began his directing career in 1988 with the crime drama As the tears fall. He rose to fame when his 1994 film Chung King Express was widely successful, winning him Best Picture and Best Director awards at the 1995 Hong Kong Film Awards.

He would go on to become recognizable for his signature style, which favors bright colors and lively cinematography alongside non-linear narratives accompanied by soaring atmospheric music.

Wong hasn’t released a new feature film since 2018. jinpa, but worked on the television series Paradise Guesthouse and Flowers, which are currently in the pre-production phase.

In April 2021, Wong’s production company Jet Tone Films announced a half-hour documentary titled A tenth of a millimeter difference. The documentary includes never-before-seen footage of Wong’s work, including scenes left on the cutting room floor.

In September last year, Wong sold never-before-seen footage of love mood in the form of an NFT. The short film showed co-leads “Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung as totally different characters from the original film’s iconic lovers.”

Wong also auctioned off 30 items from his film archives, including a jacket worn by the late actor Leslie Cheung in the 1997 film. Happy together, and other memories.

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