O’Neill Fernandes delivers positive vibes in his musical compositions under ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.5’

Album’Let’s dance… Vol.5‘ by pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes offered extremely captivating tracks. It will surely make you dance to the beats.

This self-taught musical artist has done some intriguing numbers and now he’s raising the bar even higher with his musical mixes. O’Neill Fernandes is a homogeneous artist with a lot to offer to this vast music industry. Being a music lover himself, he delivered some all-time great hits in his latest album ‘Let’s dance… Vol.5‘. This album is O’Neill’s 35th album which has 20 wonderful tracks. He has covered songs from different eras, in this album you will be able to listen to a song from 1964 to 2022. His pop vibes and overwhelming generosity can be easily seen in these numbers.

In the album’Let’s dance… Vol.5‘ you will have the opportunity to witness sensational tracks on the viral internet of this age to classic mixes of pop music and each song will crack O’Neill’s flawless craft. The 1983 track ‘modern love‘ will have you dancing with the irresistible beats and exhilarating charms of O’Neill’s musical talents. Another extremely ambient number will make you fall for its teeming supremacy. ‘Rise socially‘ is a hit from 1993, which has been covered in the most intriguing way. This Perth pop music artist knows how to make these songs even more charming to perfection.

O’Neill has always delivered very energetic songs and will compel you to have a gala time. This new album has 20 songs which are “Modern Love”, ‘Rise socially’, ‘Country Girl’, ‘Levitation’, “BamBam”, “Shut Up and Dance”, ‘On the beach’, ‘Mystery Girl’, ‘100% pure love’, ‘Wild Wild Life’, ‘Save me’, “You make me feel”, ‘Take it on the boogie’, ‘Macarena’, “Lambada”and “I was made to dance”. O’Neill Fernandes greatly appreciates the process of creating music, and you will also appreciate the aura that his music offers. Follow him for more updates on SoundCloud, Youtubeand Facebook.

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