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The Opera Idaho season kicks off with “The Merry Widow,” a romantic comedy full of music and memorable performances, October 8-9 at 7:30 pm.

The story centers on Hanna, the titular “Merry Widow”, as she navigates a new romance with the charming Danilo. As the Opera Idaho website says, “Their budding romance is hampered by misadventures, intrigues and comedic misadventures.”

Despite the opera’s reputation as “elite” or “inaccessible”, “La veuve joyeuse” challenges these ideas with its relevant storyline and characters.

Cecilia Violetta Lopez is originally from Idaho and plays the main character. Lopez explained how particularly memorable his character is.

“Hanna is considered the ‘country girl’. She is witty and outwits everyone. Being born and raised in Idaho, I identify with being a “family” or “farm” girl, ”Lopez said.

[Photo of The Merry Widow cast]
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Not only are the characters fun and memorable, but the comedic nature of the plot and the relevant moments also allow the viewer to connect with the story.

“There are a lot of poignant moments, and it’s not just silly for fun. There are times when [the] the characters are extremely honest, ”said Dr. Jeffery Seppala. “Finding the truth and what makes people tick is something we can all relate to. ”

Seppala plays Baron Mirko Zeta and is currently a professor and director of opera and musical theater at Boise State. These moments are something everyone can relate to, but especially students.

“For students, the amount of miscommunication… the feeling of unrequited love… having to figure things out… I see it all the time in my students,” Seppala said.

For Lopez as for Seppala, opera is a way to express oneself, to express oneself and simply to tell a story.

“There’s no glitz and glamor,” Lopez said, “It’s just fun to be able to work together and tell these stories. At the end of the day, we’re all human.

If you’re not sure whether opera is your ‘thing’ Seppala has said it is the ‘perfect’ show to come and as a premier opera lover.

The play will take place this weekend, October 8-9, with both performances at 7:30 p.m. Ticket discounts are available for students with valid ID, groups of ten or more and people aged 65 and over.

To purchase tickets visit: https://www.morrisoncenter.com/events/detail/the-merry-widow
For more information on opera and its distribution, visit: http://operaidaho.org/the-season/the-merry-widow/

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