Performing arts at the service of Acadiana

Lafayette, LA- The executive director of Performing Arts Serving Acadiana, who said the renowned group will bring new artists to the Heymann Performing Arts Center.

“Everyone wins when you attend a performing arts event. “

Many in the Acadiana area are familiar with the ancient Acadiana Performing Arts Society.

“We have produced over three hundred shows here at heyman and in the recent history of pasa we are ready to start PASA,” said executive director Jackie Lyle.

After changing the name to Performing Arts Serving Acadiana, the organization plans to present even more shows under the new name. PASA executive director Jackie Lyle says that with every show they see it as a new project for the musicians at Lafayette.

“A way to connect with the community. So for the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, we did a little trio concert in Washington, Louisiana, then another Holy Rosary Institute.”

PASA’s main goal is to ensure that everyone has access to great national artists, “People who don’t have the chance to travel have the opportunity to travel and see these great artists here in Lafayette You know you could live five miles away and in the past I’ve seen Tony Bennit here, or five miles away and seen Queen Latifah here.

Due to the covid, several shows have been canceled, but the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra crowd shows how much the audience missed out on attending the performances.

“Right now, why an audience appreciates something that he or she sees could easily be simply because they got to see something and sit down with people.”

The change also opens up new opportunities for students. Maleah Bocage, intern at PASA, thinks that the internship has been beneficial to her because she sees herself in the music industry.

“In terms of marketing, reservations, simple contract research, grant writing, and experience in the entertainment and performing arts industry.”

Lyle says PASA is always on the lookout for new volunteers to learn about the business side of music and what goes on behind the screens. Be sure to check out the PASA website at

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