Performing arts learners succeed in more than one way

J3 Performing Arts is a performing arts school in Benoni that caters exclusively to Ridgewood College learners by basing their courses on music theory, piano, keyboard, vocal training, acoustic and electric guitar as well as drums.

“The learners at J3 Arts have worked very hard and tirelessly this year. I am exceptionally proud of everyone, ”said Jeanri Mellanby, teacher and founder of J3.

“They have proven that regardless of Covid and online courses, they can achieve their goals.

Their determination inspired me as a teacher to be a better human. These talented young stars are bearers of light and hope. We are fortunate to have incredible talent and passionate children who refuse to give up.

The following students deserve to be recognized for their outstanding achievements throughout the year:

• Chrissy de Beer: performing nationally and will be performing internationally at IMTA next year. She received an honorary award for vocal training and theater.

• Gia Gounder: she competed nationally and took part in the Kids with Talent competition. Her talent as a singer, pianist and actress earned her an honorary award.

• Areli Mellanby: he received an honorary award and was accepted into the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir. He received his vocal training as well as drums, guitar, piano and theater lessons.

• Preston Minnie: He has been chosen as the main presenter of J3 Performing Arts for the radio and news station to be launched next year. His outstanding performance in drama won him all the colors.

• Siphosethu Khoza: According to Jeanri, he is one of the most talented and hardworking guitarists on J3. It was also decorated in all colors.

The following learners received half-colors:

• Guitar: Janlu Briedenhann and Trent Gormley

• Vocals and piano: Kenzie Ablett, Talia Ablett and Zoe Gounder

• Drums: Alwande Khoza

To end this year, RWC Performing Arts showcased their talent through live video recordings for each child, performing their music or play for a small, personal audience.

“One of the best performances of this event was that of Troi Barnard. He arrived in a fully equipped rock star outfit and demeanor, playing guitar like a real star destined for fame, ”said Jeanri.

“J3 learners have worked hard and deserve a professional view of their performance. “

Together at J3, the teachers have over 30 years of experience in the music and performing arts industry.

Jeanri, raised in a musically and culturally rich family, has performed on stage since the age of just five, with a long history of choir, piano, vocal training and revue.

“I want to give learners the same life-changing experiences that I had as a child; recording in the studio, performing in the State Theater and traveling across South Africa to perform, ”she said.

“Music has changed my life. He finds a way to bring hope, to heal broken hearts, and to show me how to love and overcome any circumstance. I pray that J3 brings hope, connects every learner with who they are, so that they become the best they can be.

“Here we are not competing with each other, we are improving ourselves to be the best single version of what God has made of us. At J3, we encourage creativity and uniqueness which builds character and self-confidence. I am so proud of each of my students and I see nothing but greatness in their future.

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