Shikanoin Heizou’s best team compositions

Ever since Shikanoin Heizou debuted in Genshin Impact lists, it was inevitable for Genshin Impact players to notice his unique fighting style. Not only in combat, but Heizou also shines in team compositions since Swirling can be very powerful in specific setups.

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Suppose players are looking to fit Shikanoin Heizou into team compositions. The easiest way is to replace sucrose in national teams and taser. Genshin Impact Sucrose is there for Swirl and increases the team’s Elemental Mastery. Although Heizou cannot improve as well as Sucrose, he can still perform remarkably in such teams.


Heizou + Beidou + Xingqiu + Kazuha

Taser teams are becoming more famous every day, especially inside the Spiral Abyss. Adding Heizou to this team composition improves the team’s close combat synergy as he will aid Swirl Beidou’s Electro and Xingqiu’s Hydro through their elemental bursts.

Of course, Kazuha will play the role of Anemo Support by controlling enemies and closing the space between them by pulling them towards him. Kazuha will also increase the team’s overall damage by increasing his team’s elemental DMG when he whirls, which is easy for him. In this team composition, Heizou is best built to deal damage since Kazuha will take on the Anemo support role.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Main DPS, Swirl Trigger, Buffer
  • Beido: Shielding, Electro enabler, Sub-DPS
  • Xingqiu: Sub-DPS, Minor Healer, Hydro Activator
  • Kazuha: Buffer, Debuffer, CC

Heizou + Xiangling + Xingqiu + Bennett

Xiangling, Xingqiu, Bennett and Chongyun form one of the best teams in Genshin Impact. What makes the national team so powerful is the synergy that all of these characters have with each other. Even players who suffer from Genshin’s combat pacing will notice that there is a large margin of error in their teamwork. While Xiangling, Xingqiu and Bennett are irreplaceable in this team composition, Chongyun is. Yes, he’s amazing, but other characters would perform the same or even better. And this is where Heizou made his debut.

Heizou not only increases the reactions of the national team, but he also has a significant amount of DPS and can even stay on the field longer than others. Heizou can also whirl and reduce enemies’ resistance to Hydro and Pyro, which is vital for vaporizing Xingqiu and Xiangling.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Sub-DPS, Swirl Trigger, Buffer, Debuffer
  • Xiangling: Sub-DPS, Pyro enabler, Vaporize trigger, part of Pyro Resonance
  • Xingqiu: Sub-DPS, Minor Healer, Hydro Activator
  • Bennet: Healer, Buffer, Pyro Resonance member

Heizou + Yelan + Kuki + 1

This team composition of Kuki and Yelan in Genshin Impact Is simple. Electro-charge and stun enemies non-stop as Heizou lands blow after blow. Yelan will drastically increase Heizou’s DMG percentage, Kuki will heal, and all three of them will continuously trigger the Electro Charge.

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As for the remaining character, players can use a favorite character or synergize with the party by adding a Hydro or Electro unit to limit reactions to Electro-Charged and Electro or Hydro Swirl. It is not recommended to add a Cryo unit as Cryo will introduce Freeze into the reactions which will slow down the fighting style.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Main DPS, Swirl Trigger, Buffer
  • Yelan: Sub-DPS, Hydro enabler, buffer
  • Kouki: Healer, electro-charged trigger, electro activator

Heizou + Zhongli + Yun Jin + Bennett

It’s a niche Genshin’ Impactteam composition which includes Zhongli, Yun Jin and Bennett. All three possess the ability to vastly improve a character. This team composition mainly focuses on increasing Heizou’s damage. On top of all that, Yun Jin and Zhongli are both Geo characters, and their existence on the same team will also increase Heizou’s DMG by 15%.

Starting the fight with Bennett’s Elemental Burst will buff Heizou’s attacks while granting him a Pyro Aura to trigger Pyro Swirls. Zhongli will reduce enemies’ Anemo resistance, and finally, Yun Jin will greatly enhance Heizou’s normal attacks. With all of these buffs and debuffs, Heizou will continue to take the field and absolutely destroy his opponents.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Main DPS
  • Zhongli: Shielder, buffer, debuffer, part of Geo Resonance
  • Yunjin: Buffer, part of Geo Resonance
  • Bennet: healer, buffer

Heizou + Xiangling + Kokomi + Fischl

This team composition replaces Sucrose in the Sukokomon team. Heizou may not have Sucrose’s passive to massively increase her team’s Elemental Mastery, but Heizou can deal more DMG than her.

Genshin Impact Kokomi can start by using her elemental skill, Fischl follows with her Oz on the ground, then Xiangling will unleash her devastating Elemental Burst. From there, Heizou will take the field, and from then on, the three elements will be mixed into his fighting style and form all kinds of related reactions.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Sub-DPS, Spin Trigger, Buffer
  • Xiangling: Sub-DPS, Pyro enabler
  • Kokomi: Sub-DPS, Healer, Hydro Facilitator
  • Fish : Sub-DPS, Electro enabler

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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