Spell Bounding Millions with its creative folk music compositions and singing is Alok Pandey Gopal. – Kiran of Udaipur | Latest news from Udaipur


Alok Pandey Gopal excels as a singer, songwriter and true music professional whose rise in the music industry has been a special story.

When we take a look at several individuals and their fascinating talent, we are deeply amazed. Talking about musical talents who have entertained millions of people with their musical art. The music industry is an ocean where massive artists perform to quickly sail their boat. But is it a cake walk to survive and gain success where already massive artists have established their lair. Well, some young talents like – Alok Pandey Gopal made it possible. The multi-talented folk music star in musical art has risen to the top of the music industry. Alok has created buzz with his vocals and compositions which have been highly recognized by people in the industry, his fans and the public. His voice collaborates Banarasi’s unique texture, semi-classical and folk music that captivates listeners to listen to again and again.

Music is Alok’s only passion and he wanted to establish himself as a musical personality. Although it was a big challenge for him, having no godfather in this huge industry, all he did was with his pure talent and fascinating musical craft. The artist has been honing his musical art since childhood and began to acquire musical knowledge from his parents. Also learned classical music from his teacher and father. Gradually he began to learn folk music. Growing up, Alok acquired immense knowledge, a sense of rhythmic rhythm and expertise in musical art. His hard work paid off and he became the first ever folk music star by winning the “Maati Ke Laal” run by the Government of India, Doordarshan, Kisan Channel, Twenty Eight States and Folk Stars.

Now there was no turning back for this young musical talent. Her popularity among the industry, the public and her fans was increasing every day by glancing at her musical artistry and melodious voice. He has released massive songs and albums which have crossed millions of views and audiences have showered their love for his touching talent. Here are some names of his songs like – Raja Babu, Jakhmi Dil, Kripa Karo He Maa, Piya Nirmohiya, E Raja Suni and many more songs and albums.

Best wishes to this talented folk star for all his future endeavours.

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