The a cappella compositions of this 24 year old are so good that you will continue to listen to them on the Edexlive

In the makeshift studio of Swayamsiddha Priyadarshiin Hyderabad, you will never find the sitar in its case. It’s still among his other gear like ring lights, keyboard, and mics, standing out in all its majestic grandeur, beckoning him to pluck the strings. And Swayam never resists. Now, including working from home, the 24-year-old has had even more time to answer the sitar’s call and together they’ve taken Instagram by storm. Take his Indianized blanket from Pirates of the Caribbean theme song for example, which is mixed with a touch of Raag Darbari, or the Harry potter one in which he even uses a pair of scissors to create a percussion sound that pairs perfectly with Raag Kirwani. Indigenous! And for lovers of Hindustani classical music, there is the most traditional Piya Tora Kaisa Abhiman.

As part of his internship project at Microsoft, he is to work on the sound design experience of an international application called Kaizala

Belonging to Etawah Gharana, a sitar school, and currently in training with Ramprapanna Bhattacharya, Swayam is delighting the world of Instagram with these one-man orchestras. And what a treat it was. It all started with the need to jam, which he did a lot while pursuing product design at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. “And with COVID, social distancing and the absence of musician friends, I decided to record songs and jam on them. Then I resized them in an end-to-end cover,” explains the born in Bhubaneswar. It started with Coldplay Long live la Vida and now we are here. Instagram played the perfect host, offering nine images in one, in each one it would use something different to enhance the musical experience of the track. Pour a drink from one glass to another, clink the glass with the spoon – you name it. The GarageBand digital audio workstation and Adobe Premiere Pro video editing application helped him achieve exceptional audio and video quality.

Swayam | (Photo: Swayamsiddha Priyadarshi)

Swayam’s musical journey began with a synthesizer, but the desire to continue the line of the Hindustani classic led him to the sitar, which he began playing in class VIII. In class XII he was an artist for All India Radio in Bhubaneswar. And since then, it’s been a journey of exploration. “What I like most about the sitar is that you can slide from one note to another more fluidly compared to other instruments”, explains the youngster who has played in his fair share. of events. Although it is a bit of a difficult instrument to master, he has maintained it sincerely and is still taking online classes for it.

He spent a semester at Politecnico Di Milano, Italyy and stuck with artists in the streets three times

Swayam prefers the title of musical arranger to the musician. And while his main strength is playing the sitar, what he focuses on is providing a good experience for the listener. Since he works as a UX designer, responsible for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint application, he sees a salient connection between music and design. In fact, he wants to continue the Sound Design interaction. But more importantly, “I am strongly inclined towards Indian classical music and want to help create a sense of appreciation for it among all,” he says and signs.

With his sitar | (Photo: Swayamsiddha Priyadarshi)

To listen to among his works:
Aaj IbaadatBajirao Mastani (A capella)
my heart Will Go OnTitanic (Indian classic)
Impossible mission theme
Rasode mein kaun tha? – Sitar blanket

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