The classic soap opera you never knew Josh Duhamel was on

In 1999, Josh Duhamel was cast in the ABC soap opera “All My Children.” For the next three years, he starred as Leo du Pres, who was a con man and son of former drug lord Vanessa Cortlandt, by Central Soap. During his time on the show, he won four Daytime Emmy nominationswinner once, and became half of a fan-favorite couple that garnered critical acclaim.

Her character married Greenlee Smythe, played by Rebecca Budig in one of her many soap opera roles. Nicknamed “GreenLeo”, the two cynical schemers fell in love by accident and their unlikely relationship has won the hearts of viewers and critics alike.

However, Leo and Greenlee’s love came to a tragic end in 2002 when death separated them. Leo’s mother, Vanessa (Marj Dusay), had kidnapped Greenlee in an attempt to trade him for precious diamonds Leo had in his possession. Leo and his brother Trey Kenyon (played by Hallmark star Sam Page) went to save her and after an altercation on a cliff, Leo and his mother were presumed dead. Not only were Greenlee, Trey and the rest of Pine Valley devastated by the loss, but the character’s demise caused an uproar with fans of the show who couldn’t believe their beloved Leo was truly gone.

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