the ennead performing arts center in shenzhen will occupy two golden volumes

the popular performing arts center

ennead architects presents its winning application in an international competition for a new performing arts center in shenzhen. the project takes the name of “the center of the performing arts of the people” and will present itself as a new icon signifying the development of the city into a major cultural destination in China. the sculptural building will be part of a larger master plan in the futian district of shenzhen. With an exhibition hall and cultural center, the plan will integrate community-driven elements into the tech-driven city.

the two golden volumes

Ennead architects’ “folk performing arts center” in shenzhen is defined by its two golden organic volumes that nestle gently against each other. the design team notes that these two soft shapes represent the dichotomy of the traditions of the city and its future. these two golden volumes house atriums on several levels, the “dream theater” and the “concert hall of the stars” (see a cross section in the image gallery below).

the volumes are partially enclosed in a translucent and luminous envelope, a dynamic structure which transforms with the changing time and the passing of time. overall, the building signifies visual and formal flows, displaying the open flow of visitors inside while echoing the nearby waterfront.

ennead performing arts shenzhen

ennead architects in shenzhen

stephen PD chu AIA, director at ennead architects comments on the winning performing arts center in shenzhen:Since the reform and opening up, the rapid transformation of shenzhen and its abundant urban vitality is astonishing and incredible. this is why we hope that the design will bring the “active factor” which can symbolize the openness, inclusion and creativity of the whole city.

ennead performing arts shenzhen
the volumes are partially enclosed in a translucent and luminous covering ennead architects' performing arts center to occupy two golden volumes in shenzhen
two soft shapes represent the dichotomy of the city’s traditions and its future

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