Veteran Chicago rapper Koe G’s new compositions give listeners the real flavors of real hip hop

Rising Chicago rapper, Koe G, masterfully showcases his unparalleled rhyming dexterity wrapped in compelling rhythmic arrangements in his new hip hop collection.

Hip hop and rap music may seem simple, but it requires the utmost creativity and vocal ability from artists to create the best melodies. Not all artists who enter the hip-hop industry are able to make a name for themselves. Aspiring hip-hop artist and rapper Koe G have managed to create a place in the hearts of the public with their exclusive rhythmic collections. His latest release “Hustlers’ Anthem” is a dope rap number with a tight yet laid-back rhyming flow that merges with the driving rhythmic background in perfect chord. Armed with his hard-earned thematic understandings, the heartfelt rapper was able to create an amazing symphony that was extremely satisfying to the ear.

The multi-faceted hip-hop artist has managed to generate real emotions in listeners with his next latest creation, ‘Som N in the past’. The soundtrack lets him show the world his amazing singing and rapping abilities with his perfect combination of rugged rapping verses and soothing chorus. His rich rap delivery is established through the smooth-gliding creative arrangement with his timely vocal performance. The talented Chicago rapper is determined to break through the boundaries of conventional music and break the monotony that plagues the contemporary hip-hop industry. Starting his musical journey at an early age, he has come a long way in establishing a powerful presence on the music scene with his authentic hip hop soundscape that defies all traditional rules.

The hard-working, independent rapper and songwriter has managed to establish a sublime connection with his listeners through his latest releases. “Hustlers’ Anthem” and ‘Som N in the past’ streamed on major music streaming platforms. Koe G displays the intricate and rare rhyming techniques he developed over years of hard work in both soundtracks. Songs have the potential to provoke listeners’ thoughts with the messages they deliver. The songs are fun, entertaining and meaningful all at the same time. Some of his latest creations such as ‘Same Shit Different Bitch’, ‘On EH Thang’, ‘NICKLEFABULOUS’and ‘Black Diamond’ among many are creating ripples in the hip-hop community. Listen to his dashing hip-hop collection on SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook, instagramand Twitter to stay informed of future work.

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