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Bridgerton Season 2 features more outrageous gossip in Lady Whistledown’s society papers, but that’s not all.

Netflix production has also partnered with The Republic of Tea to launch a collection of teas. These teas are perfect for sipping while watching Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma’s forbidden romance unfold.

The Bridgerton Tea Collection launched on March 21 and will be available for a limited time (while supplies last). All teas can be purchased at The Republic of Tea website and The Official Netflix Merchandise Store.

The Bridgerton Tea Collection includes five character-inspired flavors

The limited-edition tea collection includes five exquisite flavors directly inspired by Bridgerton characters from both seasons. The teas are packaged in boxes decorated with the characters that inspire them.

The Republic of Tea website details the collection’s flavor profiles as follows:

  • Spicy Chai Anthony & Kate – This blend of exceptional black tea and warm spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and black pepper, brews a rich and formidable cup. Best sipped when fiery storylines and taming evil thieves are the order of the day. Prepare this chai according to the traditional method – accompanied by hot milk, a touch of honey and an abundance of irresistible passion.
  • Duke & Duchess Honey Breakfast Tea – Pure, sweet honey tempers the boldness of strong black tea, paired with flavors of blackberry and vanilla. Could there be a more perfect pairing? Sip this seductive infusion to ignite desire and ultimately devotion. To be taken preferably with a large spoonful of hot milk.
  • Featherington’s Blood Orange Mimosa Tea – These days, the modern young woman must show a mix of talents in her search for a suitor, and the ladies of House Featherington are no exception to this rule. This quest requires delicious refreshment in the form of this ruby-hued hibiscus tea mixed with the essence of champagne and blood oranges. But will that be enough to fill out a dance card? We can only speculate. Without caffeine.
  • Queen’s Cake Vanilla Fruit Tea – This diamond of an herbal tea is infused with the flavors of a rich vanilla confectionery sprinkled with sweet cassis and lemon. This mug meets with the wise approval of Queen Charlotte – the true tastemaker of London society. Sip like a king and enjoy this decadent tea without scandal or remorse.
  • Whistledown Punch Hibiscus Iced Tea – What better way to start event season than with a delicious iced tea? A fashionable arrangement of exotic hibiscus flowers with a blend of citrus and pineapple, a pleasant refreshment to sip while indulging in the latest gossip. Without caffeine.

All tea flavors sell for $14.50 per box of 36 tea bags, except Whistledown Punch Hibiscus Iced Tea, which is $9.00.

Fan reactions to the Bridgerton tea collection

Avid fans of the Netflix period drama wasted no time ordering their favorite teas from the exclusive collection. The teas were an instant hit among fans and garnered rave reviews everywhere.

it’s a dream collaboration. favorite show and favorite drink!!! obvi i have already placed my order and i am praying it is here friday so i can sip and watch season 2 #Bridgerton twitter.com/republicoftea/…

The collection also includes two collectibles – White Honey for Tea and the Bridgerton Day Planner, which can be added to her customizable sets. White Honey sells for $14.75, while Planner sells for $19.99.

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