Your chance to hear Beethoven’s most groundbreaking compositions live, in person, for FREE

Whether you consider yourself a classical music enthusiast or not, chances are you know the name Beethoven. But why is he so famous?

“Beethoven probably did more to advance musical composition than anyone in history,” says Alan Futterman, Music Director of the Bremerton WestSound Symphony.

On Sunday April 24, the symphony performs two of Beethoven’s most revolutionary compositions: Heroicwho revolutionized what a symphony could be, and the Violin Concerto who reinvented the concerto form.

“Before Beethoven Heroic, symphonies were considered light entertainment, often played while members of the court ate their meals or between festivities. But Beethoven’s is much longer and more serious, with significant musical development and variations unheard of at the time,” says Futterman. “From now on, the symphonies are considered as the large showcase for an orchestra.

by Beethoven Heroic threw down the glove and said to the other composers: top this!

A revolutionary concerto with a gifted 17-year-old violinist

A few years after composing Heroic, Beethoven did the same for the concerto form.

“Before him, the concertos were used to show the technical mastery of the soloist. But Beethoven’s Violin Concerto is a major symphonic work in its own right. It’s heavy and deep for the whole orchestra and for the soloist,” says Futterman.

Sophie Lee, 17, a world-renowned violinist who has played for Prince Charles and with Joshua Bell, and won the prestigious Menuhin Competition aged 12, will tackle these solos alongside the Bremerton WestSound Symphony .

“I’ve worked with students for 40 years, and Sophie is literally the greatest child prodigy I’ve worked with in my entire career. She is the real deal. He’s a star,” Futterman says. “Not only is she technically advanced, but from the very beginning she has an innate sense of phrasing and style.”

Futterman says he used to write very technical parts to challenge her, and Sophie always rose to the challenge without breaking a sweat. Since leaving Kitsap County, she has continued to develop her playing with the best orchestras in the world.

Free Beethoven Concert at Silverdale Lutheran Church on April 24

Thanks to a large anonymous donation as well as concert sponsorship from Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, the Bremerton WestSound Symphony Beethoven Concert is free, live and in person! You may not get to see this caliber of concert for free next season. It all takes place at Silverdale Lutheran Church, conveniently located just off the freeway at 11701 Ridgepoint Dr NW, Silverdale.

Call 360.373.1722 or email [email protected] to reserve your FREE tickets to the Beethoven Concert, taking place Sunday, April 24 at 3 p.m. at Silverdale Lutheran Church. For more information, visit

While state mandates have recently been dropped, Bremerton WestSound Symphony will follow COVID protocols until June 30, 2022. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test required for entry, all patrons must wear face masks at any time. Read the full COVID-19 policy at

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